Why Flat Earth is crushing Mandela Effect, HAARP and Chemtrails in popularity ?

Bellow I will post 3 Google Trends comparison, between Flat Earth, Mandela Effect, HAARP and Chemtrails.

The first one represents the interest in those four topics in the last 5 years, the second one the interest in the last 12 months and the third one the interest in the last 90 days.

FE, ME, HAARP, Chem 1

FE, ME, HAARP, Chem 2

FE, ME, HAARP, Chem 3

Blue represents Flat Earth, red is Mandela Effect , yellow is HAARP and green is Chemtrails.On the left hand side, you can see the average interest index, and this index evolved heavily in the favor of Flat Earth, starting from being just under HAARP, just above Chemtrails and twice as big as Mandela Effect, for the last 5 years period.

When looking at the last 12 months period, we can see that Flat Earth was 5 times bigger than HAARP or Chemtrails, and About 25% more popular than Mandela Effect.

In the last 90 days period, we can see the carnage : Flat Earth is twice more popular than Mandela Effect, 7 times more popular than HAARP and almost 5 times more popular than Chemtrails : https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=today%203-m&q=%2Fm%2F032dv,mandela%20effect,HAARP,Chemtrails

The index for Flat Earth, for the last 90 days is 64.For Mandela Effect is 31, HAARP is 9 and Chemtrails sits at 14. The combined value for Mandela Effect, HAARP and Chemtrails is 54.

64 for Flat Earth vs 54 for Mandela Effect, HAARP and Chemtrails COMBINED.

And here is the snapshot for the last 30 days ( Btw, you can use the link above and set the period to 30 days, to see the indexes) : 

FE, ME, HAARP, Chem 4

Flat Earth index 70. Mandela Effect, 30. HAARP index is 10 and Chemtrails index is 14. Combined, the index for the last three topics is 54. The same as for the last 90 days period, but Flat Earth grew from 64 (last 90 days) to 70 (last 30 days).

WHY is this happening? WHY Flat Earth is bigger than Mandela Effect, HAARP and Chemtrails COMBINED ?

The answer is complex, but simple in the same time.

   A small note first : the Mandela Effect topic, if anyone have the patience to see when it was introduced, will see that it was directed against Flat Earth.Almost no flat earthers cares about Mandela Effect, and almost no Mandela Effect supporters care about Flat Earth.But, it was futile.Mandela Effect made a small dent in Flat Earth popularity, for like 3 weeks, than dropped like a rock afterwards.

Flat Earth is NOT a conspiracy theory. HAARP is a conspiracy theory, as Chemtrails and Mandela Effect also are.A conspiracy theory don’t have proofs.Like it or not.Flat Earth sits on scientific, undeniable proofs.If HAARP or Chemtrails can be proven, HAARP would be dismantled, and no plane will spray chemicals over our heads.

As for the Mandela Effect, it’s not even a conspiracy.It gained popularity for a short while, because it is based exclusively on imagination.It’s a fairy tale.Unless someone is able to prove that time travel, teleportation and parallel realities actually exists, Mandela Effect is as believable as Starship Enterprise.

The trend that is clearly seen today, will be even clearer by the end of the year and crystal clear in 2018.Every conspiracy theory will be almost non existent.Flat Earth will be ( and it’s going there) the ONLY topic.

Do not be upset that the conspiracy theories that you and many other people will vanish…because Flat Earth will transform them into reality.Once Flat Earth is growing beyond the critical mass (it’s a matter of months), and it will be accepted and recognized by everyone (maybe 2 years from now), every conspiracy theory today will be under scrutiny.

HAARP, Chemtrails, 9/11, JFK, Sandy Hook…you name it.Everything will surface, in the light of the Flat Earth reality.If Flat Earth somehow dies (I see zero chances for this to happen) every conspiracy will die.

Not everyone who believes 9/11 was an inside job also believes that HAARP is real.Not everyone who believes that Chemtrails are real also believes that Sandy Hook was a hoax.And so on.The so called “Truth Movement” is not united behind a single goal.And this is another reason why Flat Earth will dwarf everything.Flat Earth Movement, even if some believe in a dome, some don’t, some believe in an infinite plane, some in a single world under water…they ALL believe that our world is flat.

I have one advice for everyone outside Flat Earth : do not fight against Flat Earth, it’s futile.Instead fight for Flat Earth, because without Flat Earth, 20 years from now, you will STILL be talking about 9/11, Chemtrails, or whatever conspiracy theory, and everything will be the same as it is today.You will be still considered crazy.You will still be considered as a basement dweller, or just a troll.

Don’t go against the flow.


Flat Earth Education.


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