Flat Earth and Moon landings

July 20th, 1969.Apollo 11 mission.The lunar module landed on the Moon.A day later, July 21st, Neil Armstrong was the first man who walked on the Moon.

   Tomorrow, July 20th, 2017, we will celebrate 48 years since the making of one of the worst, D rated movies, ever.But, for the entire world, that movies was not a movie, but reality.Everyone, except the few who knew, were mesmerized by what the humanity achieved.

   Nobody, ever, went to the Moon.Nobody, ever, went to space. We’ve been fed lies for 48 years.But as the time passed, and technology was better and cheaper, becoming available to the masses, the Internet was born and the information traveled instantly between countries and people, a huge number of people realized that it was all just a scam.

   Are we going to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this hoax, just 2 years from now?I think not.I think that in 2019, each and every one of us will accept and recognize the Flat Earth as truth.

   This is not the place to prove that the Moon landings never happened.There are tens of thousands of people who already did, and probably hundreds of millions, if not more, that realized it.

   Take a look at the pictures of the lunar module, and ask yourself if that pile of tape, cardboard and tarp could ever land on the Moon.Ask yourself how a rocket turns in space, where there is only vacuum.Ask yourself why, since 1972, nobody went back to the Moon.Ask yourself how the telemetry data of Moon landings just got lost.And ultimately, ask yourself why the technology used to go to the Moon 6 times, between 1969 and 1972, was destroyed.

   You don’t have to be a genius to see today, in 2017, that not only the Moon landings never took place, but everything connected to them are just pure bullshit.And that includes pictures of Earth from space.Every single picture of Earth from space is a painting, a computer generated image, a simulated reality image, a composite image or a combination of the above.

   The first step to Flat Earth is to know that the Moon landings were faked.Once you realized this, there is but a matter of time to realize that the images of the globe, spinning Earth in space are also fake.The next logical step is to try to find out, for yourself, if the earth is flat, or not.

   I am not here to convince anyone that our world is flat.I already know it, and at least other 200 million other people know it, today, and by the looks of how things go, in less than 2 years, everyone will know it.


Flat Earth Education.



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