Flat Earth and Cognitive Dissonance

 I don’t think that there is anyone in the Flat Earth community that is unaware of the cognitive dissonance term.However, this post is directed at globe earthers, who are unaware of what cognitive dissonance is.

   Sure, you can google it, and see what is all the fuss about.I just want to save your time, and present the cognitive dissonance in two examples, that are as close as they can be to the cognitive dissonance that kicks in when someone is telling you that the earth is flat.

   Put yourself in the shoes of a person, an adult person, that in one day, comes in contact with someone you don’t know, and that someone is telling you that you are adopted, and your parents are not your biological parents.

   The first reaction, in most cases, will be to reject this absurd idea.You always knew who your parents are, and all your life, you believed that they are your biological parents.As an adult, you should accept that it is possible that you are adopted, but you instantly refuse it.Why is this happening?

   The second example is when someone you don’t know tells you that you that the person you live with and love, is cheating on you.Unless you somehow felt this before, your first reaction would be to reject the idea.As an adult, you should accept this possibility, but you don’t.Why is this happening?

   The above examples are very close, if not similar, with the reaction someone have when an unknown person is telling him that the earth is flat, and this initial reaction of rejection is based on the life changing repercussions that come from the possibility that the earth is flat, or that you are adopted or that you are being cheated on.

   As an adult, whether you want or not, you are prone to have an open mind.We have been born with, and if we weren’t been born with an open mind, the educational system won’t exist.

   Cognitive dissonance is what stops an individual to open his mind, but cognitive dissonance, no matter how powerful, it will always fail, sooner or later, when you are faced with the certitude, not the possibility.After you have been presented to the possibility that you are adopted, or being cheated on, sooner or later, your only goal in life will be to know if it’s true, because once your mind comes in contact with the possibility, the cognitive dissonance will be there until you know for sure which is which.

   Regardless of the scenario (being adopted, or cheated on, or the earth is flat) , unless you are dumb as rock, you won’t rest until you are able to prove, for yourself, that one of the possibility is a lie.Would you be able to live like nothing happened?Would you be able to sleep peacefully?

   Flat Earthers accepted the possibility that our world might be flat, and they had the courage to find out if it’s true or not.The good news (or the bad, depends on the person) is that everyone is a flat earther, because sooner or later, the moment you come in contact with Flat Earth, you will want to find out which is it : it’s a globe or it’s flat.

   It might take months, or even years, depending on how long you are able to ignore the issue, but at some point, the cognitive dissonance will force you to find out which is which.You cannot escape it.If you want to keep lying yourself that the world you live in it’s a globe, the cognitive dissonance will kick you in the nuts again and again, because the Flat Earth is not going anywhere.

   At some point in the future, and it’s not too long until than, you will see Flat Earth more often, and much closer than today.People you know will become flat earthers.It will be on TV, on the radio.You will ask yourself WHY THE FUCK IS THIS FLAT EARTH NOT DYING ALREADY? You won’t be able to escape it, until you find out the truth, because you might be able to fool yourself and your cognitive dissonance for a while, convincing yourself that the earth is a spinning globe, but your mind, your feelings, your intuition will come back at you and bite you in the ass.

   The cognitive dissonance is powerful, but you mind is more powerful.Prepare yourself, because what you think it’s impossible now, it will happen : YOU will be a flat earther.


Flat Earth Education.


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