Flat Earth – Denver Post Ripple Effect

Not much that comes from Flat Earth community can be qualified as news.But, the more time it passes, without any lab coat “scientism” minion to debate Flat Earth, the more information from inside Flat Earth community is becoming news worthy.

On Friday, July 7th, 2017, the Denver Post published on they front page of their on-line edition, an article about Flat Earth ( http://www.denverpost.com/2017/07/07/colorado-earth-flat-gravity-hoax/ ).

Almost everyone in the Flat Earth community should know, by now, about this article.The reactions in the comment section were heavily against Flat Earth and flat earthers, but the point is that the story was published on the front page, and the “aftermath” proven, once and for all, that Flat Earth subject is at least, very controversial.And the truth, no matter the subject, will always come from a controversy.

What happened after that Friday, is what I consider news worthy.And from my point of view (and not only mine), the article in the Denver Post is a milestone for Flat Earth movement.The article was not a mockery, and this is important.Very important.

The media always portrayed the flat earthers as a small number of crazy, uneducated people, who know that the earth is a sphere, but they just like to troll everyone else.The Denver Post broke ranks, and did not portrayed the community as crazy, uneducated trolls.

Starting Monday, July 9th, 2017, a number of prominent Flat Earth Youtubers were contacted by the “big boys” in the media.I am talking CNN, Al Jazeera, HBO, BBC, ABC.Thanks to how the Flat Earth was presented in the article, and the fact that it made it front page, it’s what made those big media outlets react the way they reacted.

For the last 3 years, Flat Earth was inexistent in the main stream media, with the exception of small radio stations and TV stations.And when it was, it was 5 minutes of mockery and insulting.Month after month, year after year, everyone outside Flat Earth believed that Flat Earth would just die, because at some point, someone from the scientific community will just destroy it.

That moment is yet still to come…but it will never come.So, because of a number of factors, Flat Earth is still here.And it’s growing. And the media can no longer ignore it or mock it.

The Denver Post article was like a small rock dropped in the middle of an ocean.It started a ripple effect.Bigger and bigger rock will start dropping in that ocean.And the effect will be massive.The Flat Earth movement, since July 7th, 2017, is no longer invisible in the media.

I will close in with saying what I have always said, since May 2015, when I became a flat earther, after almost 6 months of trying to prove, for my self, that we live on a spinning globe : Flat Earth movement, like it or not, will change the world, more than anything that changed it before.

Stay tuned, and stay alive.The next couple years will be a great ride.


Flat Earth Education.


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