Flat Earth and Math

What is Math? It is a science? Or it is a language? Math is a language, that is used in scientific domains to help describe or explain various phenomenons, be it real phenomenas or not.It’s just like any other language in the world.

   For example, we have words like : unicorns, dragons, warp engine, starship Enterprise, Superman, Thor, teleportation.Does it mean that they also exist? Well, up until this moment, no, the above words do not make what they describe, real.

   Same is with Math.It can be used to describe both real and unreal phenomenons.Math can describe a table, or a stool, or a human, but it can do it based on a number of values that have been proven as real by a scientific domain.

   We can say that the total length of the blood vessels in a human body with a certain height and weight, have a certain value in feet, or centimeters.This example help us understand that math is useful, but it is also limited.It wasn’t the math who made the blood vessels real.The math described the length of those vessels combined.

   What does math have to do with Flat Earth?

   For starters, math, being a language, can help describe if our world is flat, square, spherical, or whatever shape you can come up with.But it can only do it if applied to solid, proven facts of one or more scientific domains.

   Any shape in nature have determined values.A flat shaped disc do not have a curvature.A spherical shaped object presents a curvature between any 2 or more points on its surface.A spherical object that doesn’t have a curvature, is not a spherical object.Our Globe Earth Model, presented as real, was a sphere, that an oblate spheroid, and today is an oblate spheroid a bit larger on the southern hemisphere.

   The question begs : Can anyone prove it? 

   And here is where the math is used to describe a non-existent object, and make it look like it’s real, in the minds of uneducated people.Because, let’s be honest, most people living today are uneducated or have a very limited education, at best.And this is because it was designed to be so.You can’t have smart people and control them in the same time.

   So, the “science” guys, used math, to describe our world as being an oblate spheroid, not based on measurements, but based exclusively on theories that already existed.A theory is called a theory because it’s not proven.Otherwise it will be called a real fact.

   They, the “science” guys, applied mathematical equations to a theoretical model, who already have given theoretical values.As in the example with the blood vessels, as long as you apply math to a model with given values, the math ALWAYS checks out, regardless if that model is real or not.

   To easily understand what they do, I will present a simple mathematical equation, applied to a model that does not exists, but have given values.

   1 pink unicorn + 1 pink unicorn = 2 pink unicorns.

  Math checks out. 1 + 1 = 2. Nobody alive can deny the math. It’s too simple and basic to be dismantled.

   Well, if the math checks out…does this mean that pink unicorn exist? The answer is clearly “No”.The moment a value is given to something, real or not, math will always check out.

   Gravity is a theory, exclusively based on given values, values that have never been measured.The entire theory of gravity is based on the mass of the Earth, as a globe.It’s a given values, not a measurable one.To know the mass of an object, a big object, that cannot be put on a scale, one needs to know, after solid measurements, the size of that object and the composition of that object.

   Let’s say that the size of Globe Earth is known, even if they changed its shape two times since the globe theory was implemented.But one thing we know for sure : nobody knows the composition of the Earth.We have to drill hundreds, if not thousands of holes, all over the “planet”, all the way to the center of the globe Earth.We only have drilled one hole, 7.8 miles deep, and it took almost 30 years.

   Without knowing the composition of our world, in all aspects, we cannot determine the mass of our world.And without that, we cannot determine if there is a force called gravity, and the value of that force.

   The curvature of a sphere can be determined, as long as we know the size of that sphere.The oblate spheroid Earth is 24,901 miles in circumference, and it’s 99.99% a sphere.And it will have to present a curvature, and that curvature should be measurable.That curvature must match the curvature of a sphere 24,901 miles in circumference, with a very small error, under 0.01%, an error so small, that can be excluded.

   We are not able to measure that curvature.And as long as we cannot measure that curvature, it doesn’t exists.And because it doesn’t exists, the sphere, or the oblate spheroid, doesn’t exists.

   Math is the most important tool for flat earthers.Without math, flat earthers would not exist.Math is proving the Flat Earth, because math is applied to measurable values.And if math it’s applied to measurable values, math will always be our ally.


Flat Earth Education.


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