Flat Earth – Is this a real “thing” ? Short story of Flat Earth resurrection

Flat Earth is real, but it’s not a “thing”.A new pizza topping is a “thing”.A new app on your Iphone is a “thing”.The backless dress of a Hollywood star is a “thing”.

Flat Earth is as real as you and me.

A “thing” appears out of nowhere, lives for couple days, or maybe couple weeks in the best case, and then it is replaced by the next new “thing”.Flat Earth is as old as humanity, and while in the last 500 years or so was almost nonexistent, it came back to life roughly 3 years ago.

When Flat Earth resurfaced 3 years ago, absolutely everyone who came in contact with gave it maximum 2 weeks of living, before being absolutely obliterated by scientific facts.But something strange happened.Nobody in the scientific community cared to even consider this Flat Earth, so, it came down to regular people to try debunk it.

Those regular people, as expected, failed to debunk Flat Earth.Not because they were stupid, but because there was nothing solid enough to debunk it.In the failed process of debunking Flat Earth, more people came in contact not only with Flat Earth, but also with the failed debunking attempts.

By the end of 2014, Flat Earth, instead of dying a miserable death at the hands of the lab coats, started to grew.More and more people, all over the world, got sucked into it.Still, most people didn’t gave Flat Earth a chance.The “scientists” will debunk it…right?I mean, obviously they dismissed it at the beginning, because, who wouldn’t, but c’mon, it’s been like 6 months, and this “thing” is still here?Wake up “scientists”, and send this Flat Earth to the history trash can, where it belongs!

Short story long, some “scientists” came up in arms and went head on with Flat Earth.But they didn’t actually debunked Flat Earth…they deny it, without any evidence.One of them dropped a mic on the floor, thinking it was enough to kill Flat Earth.The mic dropper probably forgot that we are not living in the 1500’s, and dropping a mic is NOT ENOUGH.he failed us.The “scientists” failed us.

2015 had come, and with it, the Flat Earth explosion in the social media.YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, you name it.It became clear that this “thing” got too far.It was the time to label it in such a way, that most people in the conspiracy world to dismiss it.Flat Earth became a CIA psyop that was created to derail the truth movement.Well…that didn’t worked out either.Simply because Flat Earth is the truth of all truth.Every conspiracy that ever existed have it’s roots in the massive lie we have been fed with : the Globe Earth and the Heliocentric Model.

2016.This was the year when the things got really interesting.Flat Earth grew beyond anyone imagined back in 2014.Dozens of people became promoters of Flat Earth.Millions and millions pf people became what we call flat earthers.The media got involved, but the only thing they did was to mock and insult flat earthers.They did the DeGrasse mic drop.Mocking and insulting does not work in today’s work.But more about the media and Flat Earth in a separate post.

We are in 2017.Flat Earthers have gatherings, meet-ups, billboards are popping up, local media is no longer mocking Flat Earth, small TV stations all over the world are considering Flat Earth as being at least interesting, if not serious.The big media outlets will get involved, very soon.I am talking about CNN (yeah, I know, fake news, but still), HBO, BBC Science, Al Jazeera.

This year there will also be the first Flat Earth International Conference, on November 10-11, in Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.A.The tickets are sold out, and the organizers are really trying to cope up with the hundreds more requests for tickets.The media passes are not enough, much more are needed.I believe that the venue for the conference will have to be changed, and relocated to a much bigger venue.

Flat Earth is not only here to stay, but it’s going to change everything.If there was anything that could ever change our sick world, it’s this.I have been saying this since the summer of 2015.I am a statistics geek, among other things.I know enough about the psychology of masses, politics, media, to understand and to see where this “thing” called Flat Earth is going.

Stay tuned and stay alive for the next couple years.If you think this year was interesting, you can’t even begin to realize what next year will bring.It’s going to be history in the making.


Flat Earth Education.


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