Flat Earth and the main stream media

    Oh, the main stream media.Or better, the dying main stream media.For better or for worse, there is still a massive percent of the world population that have as main source of information the MSM on their TV screens.The numbers are dropping, but are still significant.

The question begs : Why the MSM does not talk about Flat Earth?

If you ask a flat earther, it will answer that the MSM doesn’t want the truth to be known by the masses.If you ask anyone else, the answers will be that either Flat Earth is not worth the TV time because it’s stupid, or because it’s useless to talk about something that was proven wrong centuries ago.

The real answer actually sits in the flat earthers camp.The MSM is controlled by the powerful families, the same families that control the governments, the banks, the food, the oil…everything.

But, here is the catch : the MSM, controlled or not, have 3 options, when facing the Flat Earth subject.Ignore it, mock it or debate it.Some people argue that the MSM have the 4th option : to control the Flat Earth narrative.

This 4th option, while seems to be an option, it is no longer available to the MSM.Look at Brexit.Look at Donal J.Trump election.They tried everything : ignoring, mocking, debate and controlling the narrative.Sadly for the MSM, there is this thing called Internet.And this Internet have social media.Without the Internet and social media, the Brexit would never happened, and Hillary would be Madam President.

If you think that comparing Flat Earth with a subject like Brexit and U.S. Elections is far fetched…you have been living under a rock.Flat Earth interest, worldwide, is huge.Massive.Humongous.And this “monster” called Flat Earth is keep growing.

The MSM cannot longer ignore Flat Earth.And a number (small for now) of online papers, local TV stations, small to medium-sized radio stations, are no longer mocking Flat Earth.We are not yet in the debate mode, but we are almost there.It’s a matter of months, if not weeks, before some of the MSM will actually open the Flat Earth to a debate.

In our heavily interconnected world, a story, or a subject, is facing the entire population.And that story, or subject, if it’s not interesting, will die in a matter of days, or, if it’s interesting enough, survive weeks or maybe months.There is but only one subject that not only survived for the last 3 years, but it’s only growing.And this is something nobody, including the MSM can ignore.

If you have the curiosity to look at Goggle trends, you will see Flat Earth topic only going up.Sometimes is dropping a minuscule percent, but days later it shoots up again.it’s a zig-zag graph, but it’s growing.There is no downward graph yet.

The MSM will start to talk about Flat Earth openly.There will be still some mocking, but it will disappear.They will instead focus on bringing the heavyweights in the fray : DeGrasse, Nye, Hawking, etc.But they will not have a debate, at start.They will just pound on Flat Earth…but their problem is that they won’t have enough solid evidence against Flat Earth.And most people will see that, and go to social media for the second opinion.

When this will happen, and it will, the social media will trash the MSM so bad, that the MSM will have no choice but to actually debate Flat Earth.They have no other choice.They tried and exhausted the other option.Ignoring and mocking not only that did not work, but backfired, bringing more people into Flat Earth.Controlling the narrative is no longer an option, because of the social media.They will debate Flat Earth, if only for ratings.

The only chance of MSM to survive Flat Earth, and I am serious when I say survive, is to bring it on the TV screen on a serious note.The number of Flat Earthers grow, and grow and will keep growing, and the number of globe earthers is shrinking and shrinking, day by day.

Flat Earthers, and not only them, despise the MSM, because the MSM is a lying sack of BS.And the ratings will dropping as long as the MSM ignores Flat Earth.And those ratings will hit the bottom in just couple years.TV stations will be closed.Radio stations will be closed.Newspapers will be closed.This is why I say the MSM won’t survive Flat Earth if it keeps ignoring it and mocking.And they KNOW that.

So, be prepared for the hottest debate in the human history.And be prepared for Flat Earth reality, because there it’s the only winner in this debate.


Flat Earth Education.


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